Mistress Islya

Welcome to my website miscreants, I am Manchester Mistress Islya.

I specialize in the dark arts of BDSM.

Within my website you will find my offerings, tributes, gallery, blog and review pages. also a link to my blog and twitter account.

So… If you have managed to find my website, you must be like minded… Excellent!

dare you delve any deeper….

Manchester Mistress Islya
Manchester Mistress Islya

When you apply to serve me, I expect you to have read all my content and only approach with queries that are not here. I expect you to engage me within two lines of an email or 2 text messages… failure to do so will result in a block. I have no time for timewasters… I do not suffer fools gladly as I have very little patience with anybody who asks stupid questions.

I am based in Manchester; full disclosure of my exact location will be revealed upon application.

 If your still here… you may enter…at your own risk